Elegant Embroidered Leather Whisky Tote

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Fine scotch or choice wine deserves to travel in style. Nothing says style more than luxurious, hand-stitched leather and beautiful embroidery. Available in three sizes tailored to fit your favorite bottle styles, these unique totes come in a variety of colors and Celtic themes. Each bag features an integrated leather carrying strap for convenient transport. Just as no two pieces of leather are identical, each bag has its own one-of-a-kind look and personality.

Designs available:

Rich dark green top-grain leather featuring a lovely blue on blue snowflake knot design. Made to fit taller, thinner bottles such as wine bottles or Glen style scotch.

Soft chestnut top-grain leather and showcasing a Scottish Thistle blossom. Designed for shorter, more stout bottles like Aberlour Scotch.