About Us


Dalriada Heritage Leather
Mission Statement
History, quality, innovation, imagination and collaboration.
What we do
Here at Dalriada Heritage Leather we recognize that the Scots invented “Image Branding”. Our goal is to draw on centuries of history, art and legend to create products that will carry “Clan Branding” to future generations, to assure that our rich heritage is not forgotten but rather, remembered, enjoyed and carried forward in an ever-changing world.
We are a group of artists and craftsmen of various talents, experience and interest. We enjoy collaboration with each other and with like-minded individuals, Scottish Clans, Societies and Associations we have come to know through our experiences over the years.
Start a Collaboration
In browsing our site, you will find Scottish themed and Clan Specific leather goods, clothing, and decorative accessories. If your Scottish Clan or Society isn’t currently represented, let us hear from you.  As we introduce our collections, we clearly disclose collaborations where they exist and always invite input and development of new collaborations. 
A word about Masterwork Traders
Masterwork Traders is a part of our business that allows us to share resources we have developed over several decades to provide other artists, craftsmen, and “DIYers” with leather, hardware, and supplies.